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TRUMP: ‘The Stupid Endless Wars Are Ending’, US Will Back Out Of Middle East Conflicts That ‘USA Should Never Have Been In’

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Trump is once again defending his decision to pull troops out of Northern Syria, saying emphatically “the stupid endless wars are ending”:

Trump says going into the Middle East was the worst decision we ever made…

It’s no wonder Bolton quit on Trump. They are like oil and water when it comes to foreign policy.

What gets me about Trump’s latest move is how much faith he’s putting in Erdogan. It’s like he doesn’t understand that Erdogan is trying to reestablish the Ottoman Empire, that he wants to create a new caliphate and reign as Caliph over it, with Turkey being the center of it.

And with Erdogan controlling Northern Syria, he can then move down toward Damascus, which puts him right there at Israel’s border. We’re talking about a man who has called for an “international peacekeeping force” to protect Palestinians from Israel, who he accuses of committing genocide and calls them Nazis. We’re talking about a man whose own chief military advisor created plans to create an Islamic army and invade Israel.

The threat to Israel from Turkey and this new emerging Ottoman Caliphate is real. Yet between Trump’s hatred of our Middle East presence and his faith in Erdogan, he’s making what looks like a terrible decision.


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