Damning Picture Casts Serious Doubt On Biden’s Claim He Wasn’t Apart Of Hunter’s Ukraine Business Ties!

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A new photo from Tucker Carlson’s show tonight casts doubt on Biden’s claim that he never talked to his son about his Ukrainian business deals:

Now of course this is just photo and doesn’t prove anything other than the obvious. But it is very hard to imagine that Ukraine never came up while Biden was golfing with his son and his business partners who were working with Burisma at the time.

Furthermore, the Ukraine wasn’t the only country from which Biden’s son was making millions. Here’s something new from Peter Sweitzer today on China:

A year and a half after Peter Schweizer’s book Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends (Harper Collins, 2018) hit #1 on the New York Times bestseller list, some of the book’s findings have been misrepresented by political partisans and by some in the media. The Biden campaign, for example, has tried to create the impression that Hunter Biden was only “passively involved” in a controversial billion-dollar business venture with China when his father was Vice President of the U.S. Our research shows otherwise.

1. The narrative suggesting that Hunter Biden and his partner played only a passive role at the Chinese firm is simply false. This document shows Hunter Biden was on the board of directors of the investment firm directly managing a $1.5 billion fund. His business partner, Devon Archer, was Vice Chairman and sat on the company’s Investment Committee. These are not merely “advisory” roles.

2. Biden defenders say Hunter did not receive a stake in the BHR until after his father left office. In fact, Rosemont Seneca, Hunter’s firm, held a 30% stake in BHR alongside its other American partner, the Thornton Group. This is demonstrated by BHR’s Chinese registration records [English] as well as their own description.

Biden’s attorney claims Hunter’s interest in BHR amounted to “only” a $420,000 initial investment. This argument relies on a flimsy distinction between Bohai Harvest RST, the investment management company, and the investment fund it oversees. While records currently available do not disclose the precise level of compensation Hunter Biden received as part of this deal, his $420,000 investment in the management company bought him influence over $1.5 billion in capital backed by the authority of the Chinese government.

3. BHR is very explicit about the value of its American partners:

“BHR, with its unique mixed ownership, combines the resources and platforms of China’s largest financial institutions…and the networks and know-how of our U.S.-based investment fund and advisory firm shareholders.

The Chinese investment entity with which Hunter Biden had teamed explicitly states the value – “the networks and know-how” – that came with partnering with the Vice President’s son and his partner, Devon Archer.

There’s so much here for the media to sink their teeth into if they only cared about corruption among Democrats.

But eight years watching them protect Obama let us know how much they really care. And this new Biden scandal only reinforces it the notion that they are what Trump says they are, fake news.


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