DIRE Warning as Newt Gingrich Reveals Trump Impeachment ‘Inevitable’

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Newt Gingrich, who as Speaker of the House of Representatives led Republicans in impeaching President Bill Clinton, has predicted “radical” Democrats will successfully impeach President Trump.

“I think the momentum of radicalism on their side is so great, they won’t be able to help themselves,” Gingrich told the Washington Examiner. “The Democrats have always had the votes if they wanted to do it, and it’s up the them.”

Gingrich, who argued that the Republican-controlled Senate was unlikely to remove Trump from office, shared his opinion shortly before current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced a formal impeachment investigation.

Washington Examiner reports: An increasing number of House Democrats called for Trump’s impeachment after a whistleblower disclosed Trump pushed Ukraine’s president to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden. Biden forced the ouster of a prosecutor who was investigating a company that employed his son Hunter.

Gingrich said Republicans should demand an investigation of “all the Biden weirdness” as part of a parallel Ukraine investigation.

“I just think the Republican position ought to be if you want to look at pressure being brought on Ukraine, you have to look at Biden as well as Trump,” he said. “There is more than enough reason to have a serious deep investigation of what was going on in China and Ukraine as it relates to Biden, father and son.”

Gingrich, 76, a Georgia Republican, said “Biden personally, directly, while in Ukraine pressuring them involving an investigation with his son’s company is vastly worse than what we’ve seen with Trump.”

The former lawmaker who first filed articles of impeachment against Clinton also has predicted that Trump will be impeached, long viewing it as inevitable.

Former Rep. Bob Barr, of Georgia, told the Washington Examiner on Tuesday that he believed Republicans should denounce the probe as “political.”

He said: “Even if Trump were to be impeached, it would not affect him adversely because it is completely and utterly political.”

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