Another MAJOR Victory For Trump As DHS Announces The END of ‘Catch and Release” Of Illegals This Week

President Trump, along with the American people, just grabbed another major victory as the Department of Homeland Security announced the effective end to the incredibly destructive “catch and release” practice.

The Trump administration announced Tuesday that a combination of restrictive immigration policies has effectively concluded the status quo “catch and release” system that prevailed under the Obama administration.

Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan explained during a speech before the Council on Foreign Relations that the vast majority of migrant families who enter the country illegally will no longer be eligible for “catch and release” due to the implementation of policies such as the “Migrant Protection Protocols,” which require that migrants wait in Mexico while their asylum claims are being adjudicated, and extended migrant detentions periods.

“With some humanitarian and medical exceptions, DHS will no longer be releasing family units from Border Patrol Stations into the interior,” McAleenan said Tuesday. “This means that for family units, the largest demographic by volume arriving at the border this year, the court-mandated practice of catch and release, due to the inability of DHS to complete immigration proceedings with families detained together in custody, will have been mitigated. This is a vital step in restoring the rule of law and integrity to our immigration system.”

The Trump administration has taken various steps in recent months to eliminate so-called “pull” factors that incentivize illegal immigration. In addition to implementing the Migrant Protection Protocols, the administration has also established licensing agreements with family residential centers that will allow authorities to detain family units for longer than the 20 days prescribed by the Flores agreement.

Beginning next week, the administration will officially transition to returning virtually all migrants to Mexico “swiftly” if they are unable to establish a credible fear of returning to their home country.

McAleenan said last month that border crossings have declined 43 percent since May, when arrests between ports of entry at the southern border increased for the fourth straight month to 132,887, up from 99,304 arrests in April.

In April, the White House requested $4.5 billion in emergency funds from Congress to deal with the increasing flow number of migrants illegally crossing the southwest border. Agencies warned earlier this year that they are overwhelmed by the influx of migrants turning up both at ports of entry and between them.

VIA National Review

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  1. Nepal earthquake aftershock near Mount Everest sends panicked locals into Kathmandu streets

    In nearby India, At least 16 individuals were confirmed dead dating ukrainian women after rooftops or walls collapsed onto them, to be able to India’s Home Ministry. “everybody was saying the earthquakes are over.. Now i don’t want to believe anyone, ” Said 40 year old produce vendor Ram Hari Sah as he sought out a spot to pitch the orange tarpaulin to shelter his family. “business people are scared, We are scared. I would like deal with mosquitoes and the rain than sleep in the house. “Extra police were ship to patrol ad hoc camping areas, While drinking water and further tents were being provided, According to Kathmandu owner Ek Narayan Aryal. “I thought I would definitely die this time, ” said Sulav Singh, Who rushed with his daughter into a street in the suburban town of Thapathali. “Things were just returning to the original normal, And we fully grasp this one. “paul Dillon, A spokesman with the global Organization for Migration, Said he saw a man in Kathmandu who had it seems that run from the shower with shampoo covering his head. that 7.3 degree quake struck the Sindhupalchowk District, A mountainous, Rural component of eastern Nepal, linking Kathmandu and Mount Everest. About 20 individuals were killed on Mount Everest in the April disaster, Which saw vast avalanches of snow and rock careen down our planet’s highest mountain and smash into base camp, Which was full of climbers from virtually.

    Tremors branched out across parts of Asia. In neighboring India, At least 16 everyone was confirmed dead after rooftops or walls collapsed onto them, based on India’s Home Ministry. Chinese media known one death in Tibet.

    The earthquake that hit April 25 killed approximately 8,150 and flattened entire villages, Leaving multitudes homeless.

    At least three individuals were rescued Tuesday in Kathmandu, While another nine pulled to safety in the region of Dolkha, the us govenment said.

    Rescue helis were sent to mountain districts where landslides and collapsed buildings may have buried people, the costa rica government said. Home Ministry official Laxmi Dhakal said the Sindhupalchowk and Dolkha zones were the worst hit.

    Search parties fanned out to search for survivors in the wreckage of collapsed buildings in Sindhupalchowk’s town of Chautara, Which had become a hub for relief aid after last month’s magnitude 7.8 earthquake, the country’s worst recorded quake since 1934. Embassy in Kathmandu told CBS News that it had “No reports of injuries or fatalities of american citizens” But was still working to confirm the location of all those in great britain.

    The USAID Disaster guidelines Response Team (DART) Currently positioned in Nepal was assessing your position. Three American helis were taking 20 USAID DART members and 18 other urban search and rescue personnel to conduct initial assessments in Charikot, Nepal, outside the epicenter.

    The USGS said the epicenter was first 47 miles east of Kathmandu. CBS News’ Sanjay Jha said he could feel the planet shake in New Delhi, india, Some 700 a long way away.

    Olle Castel, Of the British kids aid group Plan UK, Has been in Kathmandu working on the reply to the April 25 quake. Geological feedback.

    Early reports pointed at least two buildings had collapsed in Kathmandu, Though at least one had been unoccupied due to wreck it sustained on April 25. Experts say the earlier quake caused extensive structural damage even in buildings that did not topple, And that many could be vulnerable to collapse.

    Frightened residents in the main town, Who had returned to their homes only earlier this week, Once again set up tents Tuesday night with plans to settle empty fields, Parking lots and on sidewalks.

    “individuals were saying the earthquakes are over.. Now i don’t want to believe anyone, Said 40 year old produce vendor Ram Hari Sah as he sought out a spot to pitch the orange tarpaulin to shelter his family. “a large number of scared, We are fearful. I choose to deal with mosquitoes and the rain than sleep in the house,

    Extra police were sent to patrol ad hoc camping areas, While drinking water and extra tents were being provided, According to Kathmandu administrator Ek Narayan Aryal.

    “I thought I would die this time, wanted to say Sulav Singh, Who rushed with his daughter into a street in the suburban location of Thapathali. “Things were just ok normal, And we get this one,

    john Dillon, A spokesman with the point Organization for Migration, Said he saw a man in Kathmandu who had relatively run from the shower with shampoo covering his head. “He was sitting in a tree, crying and moping, Dillon identified.

    endure, New landslides blocked mountain roads in the district of Gorkha, main regions hit hardest on April 25, While previously damaged buildings collapsed with the quake.

    Residents of the small town of Namche Bazaar, About 50 kilometers (35 distance) From the epicenter of Tuesday’s quake and a well known spot for thin air trekkers, Said a few buildings damaged earlier had collapsed there as well. however, ended up no reports of deaths or injuries in the town.

    The earth also shook strongly over the border in Tibet, Unleashing a landslide that killed one individual and injured three, based on China Central Television. Two houses also zero, nys broadcaster said, Quoting disaster relief secret headquarters of the regional Tibetan government.

  2. Face meeting with Putin in Russia

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is making his first visit to Moscow as America’s chief diplomat next week to meet with Russian leader Vladimir Putin for one on one talks.

    Trump is looking to move past the special counsel analyze into Russian election meddling and alleged collusion and spoke to Putin by phone a week ago on Friday.

    If Trump’s refer to was the carrot, Pompeo’s coming having stick, The State area signaled on Friday.

    ‘The place to start we have to have when we discuss our policy toward Russia, of which this is part of what diplomacy does, the actual secretary’s trip, Is to agree to frankly that Russia has taken a series of aggressive and destabilizing actions on the global stage,’ a senior public said Friday. hopes on a call previewing single ukraine ladies the visit by Pompeo, Telling journalists, ‘I can’t predict any outcomes.or,–

    clashes in Venezuela, Iran, Syria, Ukraine and North Korea were anticipated to come up. home owners who are detained in Russia.

    ‘The secretary will also talk about the contests in our bilateral relationship with Russia,’ the official said. along with other foreign elections,’ the State dept said.

    ‘These are issues he’s produced before, And he continues to raise. No control has been tougher than the Trump useage in imposing costs on Russia for its malign activities,’ the state said of Pompeo’s visit.

    the official said that trip is an ‘opportunity to take the conversation’ on key issues ‘to a higher level’ by meeting directly with Putin.

    ‘This trip is to be able to make those points clear to the Russian government and what are expectations are and see how to forge a path forward,’ the person said. this week from Europe as hostilities with with Iran and North Korea, Would am Moscow and Sochi, russian federation, in the near future, resulting in on Sunday. transaction alumni’ on Monday, is going to 13.

    He’ll also lay a wreath at the Tomb of the unidentified Soldier before leaving Moscow.

    ‘Secretary Pompeo will go Sochi, Russia on May 14 to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and President Vladimir Putin to go over the full range of bilateral and multilateral challenges,’ the policy said.

    The trip could be the precursor to a meeting between Trump and Putin at the G20 summit in Osaka, japan, next month.

    His summit schedule is still being fleshed out. Trump has two trips abroad this month, One to Japan and something to the UK and France, Before the worldwide gathering.

    White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said last week that a summit with Putin isn’t on the books currently and has offered no in depth updates.

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    President Trump has repeatedly asserted his preference of having a good relationship with traditional foes like Russia rather than a bad one, A sentiment the State Department reiterated prior to the trip by Pompeo.

    ‘We’ve been clear all along that part of our Russia policy is it is in our interest to have a better romantic relationship with Russia. The us president has been clear, The assistant has been clear on that,And so where we have concerns we’ll raise them directly, Narrow those variance, And find places where we can cooperate to protect and advance our interests,’ anyone said.

    ‘An improved relationship between the u. s and Russia would be in our interest, But we have requirements for the Russian side,’ the average person said.

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