The Trump-Ukraine ‘Whistle-Blower’ Fake News Is Just The Death Throes Of Those Clinging To The Failed Russia Probe

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You want to know why conservatives hate the liberal media and have no faith in many commentators on their own side? All you have to do is look at the reactions to this stupid story.

Yesterday, a supposed “bombshell” dropped via numerous anonymous sources that the much ballyhooed “whistle-blower” complaint against Trump involved him encouraging Ukraine’s new president to continue its corruption investigation into Joe Biden. To this point, we actually have no specifics saying Trump promised him anything after that request, or that if he did, that it was anything inappropriate. You would be remiss to not ask why it’s wrong to ask an ally to look into corruption involving U.S. citizens.

Let me quote myself responding to the most fleshed out account of what is claimed to have happened. This was posted late last night.

As per usual, the media are losing their minds. Trump was pressuring an ally to conduct an investigation! It’s unheard of and unprecedented! Who could ever do such a thing!?

Oh, I don’t know. Maybe the Obama administration when they were working with UK intelligence, including using foreign assets, to target Trump in 2016? That seems like much more of a big deal given the only real allegation here is that Trump asked Ukraine to keep an already occurring corruption probe going in which we have the target on tape admitting what he did. I was assured that what happened in 2016 was above board because the Obama administration had legitimate suspicions. You know who else has legitimate suspicions? President Trump, because again, it’s on freaking video.

But ask yourself this. Why is the corruption Trump was asking to be probed not the actual story here? Let me refresh your memory of exactly what we are dealing with.


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