Beto Addresses Would-Be Mass Murderers: ‘Don’t Worry, We Will Arrest All The Law-Abiding Citizens That Could Stop You’

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So Beto’s planning to rob you of your guns, but how?

The 2020 hopeful’s previously promised to steal hunting rifles from Americans; no word yet on whether he’ll do it in person and yell, “Hell yeah!”

But on Wednesday, O’Rourke — otherwise known as a punk rocker in a sheep mask and a onesie — rolled out more specifics at a press briefing.

But first, let’s get sheepish:

Okay. Now here’s how that guy’s gonna take your firearms:

Firstly, he expects you all to be law-abiding:

“I begin by saying that we expect our fellow Americans to follow the law.”

Wait a minute…if all Americans are gonna follow the law, then nobody’ll use a gun to commit murder. Problem solved.

But he’s got a contingency plan:

“If they do not, there would be a fine imposed to compel them to follow the law.”

So just fine murderers?

Here’s Beto:

The candidate says to “Take it from the people in El Paso and Midland-Odessa — if we can avoid one of those mass shootings, we absolutely should.” Is he suggesting everyone in El Paso, Texas wants confiscation of hunting rifles, even though they’re rarely used in the commission of crimes? And how does taking one specific type of gun from only people who obey the law “avoid mass shootings”?

Furthermore, the privileged millionaire — who is absolutely against privileged millionaires — says, “You still have a gun to hunt.”

He must not’ve bothered to find out the AR-15 is the most popular hunting rifle in America.

Here’s more:

“We’ve seen this implemented successfully in Australia, where you’ve seen a near-50% reduction in gun violence deaths in that country. They estimate that between 16 and 20 mass shootings have been averted so far.”

Beto’s expressed expectation of everyone to follow the law came after a reporter asked, “Could someone go to jail under this proposal?”

He never answered the question.

As noted by The Daily Wire, last week, O’Rourke indicated a dependence upon people following the rules last week as well:

“How do we enforce any law? I mean, there’s a significant reliance on people complying with the law.”

So here’s a question he’s also not addressing:

Why are the people not willing to obey the law against mass murder going to obey a law against having a particular hunting rifle?


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