WATCH: Liberal Idiot Rushes The Stage, What Happened Next Was A COMPLETE SHOCK!

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A liberal protester charged on stage during an event at Northeastern Illinois University where Sean Spicer was soon to be on stage. The protester didn’t last long before police surrounded him and clobbered him, dragging him off the stage while he yelled about Nazis:

Here’s more from Campus Reform:

Moments after the event moderator walked out onto the stage, even before Spicer and Brazile had been introduced, a man from the audience rushed the stage and shouted what sounded like “shut it down.” He was promptly apprehended by four police officers as he continued to shout mostly unintelligible phrases. However, just before police removed him from the stage, he shouted what sounded like “…f*cking Nazis.”

But this protester wasn’t the only one to interrupt:

Moments after Spicer walked out on stage, someone is heard shouting “Spicer, you f*cking scumbag, kill yourself” and “you piece of shit!”

Roughly five minutes into the event, chants from protesters outside the room grew louder, which the moderator called “a sign of health…where people can be yelling in protest and at the same time we have the ability to have a robust but civil conversation.”

I know the moderator is trying to be diplomatic, but these outbursts are not a sign of health. Protesting outside is one thing. Trying to stop an event with loud screams, or people rushing on stage is more fascist than it is democratic because the point is to silence the opposition.


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