BOMBSHELL Report: Former Planned Parenthood Instructor Reveals They Pushed Sex-Ed In Schools To ‘Increase Promiscuity’ and ‘Create a Market For Abortion’

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A former Planned Parenthood instructor reveals in a bombshell report that her former employer “pushed sex ed on kids to create a market for abortion.”

In a shocking story published by, former sex-ed teacher Monica Cline claims Planned Parenthood “pushes sex education that ‘grooms’ children for promiscuity and leads to abortion.”

Given the length of the list of atrocities committed by Planned Parenthood, such a story should not be surprising, but Cline’s chronicle of the organization’s pro-abortion agenda and how its sex-ed classes are designed to drum up business to further that agenda is startling and sickening, nonetheless.

Here’s a selection from the LifeNews story:

Cline worked as a sexual health education instructor in collaboration with Planned Parenthood in Texas for ten years, she told the Daily Caller News Foundation. She started out as an HIV prevention educator in 1996 with Center for Health Training, now known as Cardea Services.

She was later trained by the Director of Prevention Education at Planned Parenthood in Austin, Texas, in 1997 and would go on to become Title X Training Manager for Texas and New Mexico.

“We have to approach this and look at your audience and realize that they’ve probably done anything and everything related to sex,” the Planned Parenthood Director of Prevention Education told Cline at the beginning of her instruction. Cline has asked that the director, who has passed away, remain anonymous out of respect for the director’s family.

“It was very explicit,” Cline said, revealing she was told she must discuss all sexual topics with students, including, “Oral, vaginal, and anal sex, and the use of sex toys.”

The director showed Cline several Planned Parenthood case studies that showed girls as young as 10 years old coming to Planned Parenthood for help with injuries, the removal of foreign objects and abortions. The studies convinced Cline that something must be done to help these young women.

Help young women?

Being “convinced” to support Planned Parenthood’s party line, Cline asked her trainer how she could go about persuading young women to stop having pre-marital sex.

“No dear, we aren’t teaching them not to have sex,” the educator told her. “We are teaching them how to do it safer,” Cline told LifeNews.

In other words, Planned Parenthood doesn’t want young women to be chaste; Planned Parenthood wants young women to take care that when they fornicate, they fornicate carefully.

Or do they?

Remember, Cline claims that all of the sex-ed classes created or backed by Planned Parenthood aren’t actually aimed at safety, either. They are aimed at subtly persuading young people to be promiscuous, with the hope that teen promisabortioncuity will lead to teen pregnancy, which is big business for the baby killers.

Just read Cline’s account of a conference she attended in Waco, Texas, where 12- and 13-year-old kids were taught about the need be tested for STDs after one-night stands. Cline recounted: “Teens are being given false ideas that condoms will cover all the bases,” Cline added. “They do tell them to get tested and treated — which means coming back to the clinic — and if they are pregnant they are encouraged to get an abortion.”

As a sexual health educator, Cline says she was taught to identify with what students are going through and ultimately lead them to choose abortion.

“We were supposed to identify what they are going through,” Cline explained, “Say, ‘you’re just a teenager, the last thing you want is a baby.’ Identify with her fears. ‘Your parents are probably going to be so mad at you. We can take care of this for you, it’s not a problem.’”

Cline believes that Planned Parenthood employees genuinely thought abortion is the compassionate option. “They always went to the extreme,” Cline said, saying that the employees would say, “If we don’t do this for this girl, she will live in poverty. Or her parents will commit acts of violence.”

Apparently, to Planned Parenthood, poverty is worse than murder.

As stomach-turning as such a belief is, it is beside the point.

The principal perversion, and the one that is facing families all over the United States as their children have started a new school year, is that sexual education classes are becoming every year more explicit, more pornographic, and being “taught” every year to younger and younger kids.

In my own investigation of the materials used at the convention in Waco attended by Cline and described by her in the LifeNews article, the video referred to by Cline that was showed to the pre-teens being taught is called Nicole’s Choice.

Nicole’s Choice, produced by ETR, is, as described on the producer’s website:

In a 15-minute video that follows an African-American teen, Nicole, as she finds out she’s contracted a sexually transmitted disease (STD) by having unprotected sex during a one-night stand. As the story progresses, Nicole struggles to decide whether to abstain from sex or use condoms to protect herself from contracting an STD in the future. In the end, Nicole and her boyfriend choose to abstain from sex, while Nicole’s best friend makes the choice to always practice safer sex by using condoms.

Poor Nicole. She wanted to have sex but she didn’t want consequences. Poor Nicole. She contracted gonorrhea and now she has to stop having sex — or does she?

Nicole can use a condom, you see? She doesn’t have to be chaste, she just needs to talk to her “hook up” and convince him to wear a condom. Poor Nicole’s problem is solved.

In fairness, in the video, Nicole and her “partner” decide to hold off having sex, but Nicole’s friend wants to carry on carrying on, so to speak.

Now, teachers choosing to show their students Nicole’s Choice can also choose from a variety of related products offered by ETR as part of its sex-ed course. Here’s a sanitized sample of the other items:

Condom Educator Kit, complete with “1 award-winning Condom Use DVD, 50 award-winning Condoms: Hot Tips pocket guides, 50 Condom Facts pamphlets, 1 wooden penis model and 75 premium condoms.”

Fireworks Condom Kit, featuring “1 condom and a single-use lube packet.” The “Fireworks” Condom Kit, says the promotional copy, is “great for health fairs and orientations!”

LGBTQ Condom Holder featuring “the LGBTQ rainbow flag colors,” and it is also “great for promoting safer sex at health fairs and orientations!”

As her story ends, Cline says that she wanted to help her fellow Planned Parenthood employees to spot young women who might be victims of human trafficking.

When she approached the Corpus Christi, Texas, Planned Parenthood clinic with her idea for helping girls escape the horrors of human trafficking, she was told by the clinic that they weren’t interested in helping. Here’s the conversation according to Cline:

“Honey, if she’s not having sex with this man this month, she’ll be having sex with another man next month,” Cline was told. The behavior caused Cline to leave her job at the Center for Health Training in 2009.

“Their view of our children is very skewed,” Cline said. “They believe that this is what our children want. They don’t see our children as victims, they see them as willing participants.”

If Monica Cline’s story is true, Planned Parenthood has orchestrated an insidious method of getting into classrooms and convincing children to disregard their parents’ principles and traditional morality in favor of experimenting with sex and if the unexpected happens, Planned Parenthood will be there to get rid of the repercussions.

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