Black Man Caught On Camera Attempting To MURDER Female Police Officer… BLM Crowd Take To Twitter to Defend HIM

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A black man, 21-year-old Ari Young, viciously attacked a female police officer, Meagan Forsberg, beating her, forcefully taking her gun from her then aiming and firing it at her as she ran away.

As backup arrived, Young failed to drop the weapon, instead he briefly held the gun in the air before firing one more round.  Predictably, he was shot.

The entire assault was caught on camera, leaving no doubt to his guilt.

Given the clear evidence, no one could possibly defend this thug, right?  Well, if you guessed that the BLM and Anti-Police brigade would somehow find a way then, congratulations, you were correct.

Hoards of defenders took to social media to make the claim that this was somehow a bad shoot.

Does it matter that the gun was “not his”?  I’m pretty sure guns don’t become harmless when they aren’t yours.

Sadly, this is the world we live in.  In the eyes of many, a black man can simply never by guilty.

The injuries to the female deputy were not considered life-threatening, and the man who attacked her was expected to recover from his gunshot wounds, according to the Sheriff’s Department.


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