Once Again, Liberal Gun Grabbers Forced To Eat Their Words After The FACTS Emerge

The media and Democrats piled on as soon as the reports came out that the Odessa shooter purchased his AR-15 privately, suggesting this meant we needed universal background checks. But now we are learning that the private sale may have been illegal:

KCBD – FBI and the ATF are still investigating after serving a search warrant in the 3400 block of Mesa Road in Lubbock, across from the Lubbock Country Club, apparently in connection with the Midland/Odessa shootings from Saturday.

We’re still waiting on official confirmation, but we believe this search is related to the manufacture and sale of the AR-15 used in the Midland/Odessa shootings.

The search was conducted around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.

This is the important part:

The Wall Street Journal reports that law enforcement is investigating a person of interest in Lubbock, suspected of illegally manufacturing and selling the rifle used in Saturday’s mass shooting in Midland/Odessa.

Authorities have not released the man’s name, as they seek to question him at his residence.

If these reports prove true and this man in Lubbock illegally manufactured the gun and the sold it to Ator, then universal background checks would be irrelevant. Because criminals don’t care about background checks.

It’s like Dana said the other day, that illegal gun sales are NOT a loophole in the background check system.

But forget about all this. The media and Democrats have a gun control ‘narrative’ to push and they won’t let facts get in the way.


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