Franklin Graham Kicks Taylor Swift Off Her High-Horse And We’re All Saying AMEN!

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Evangelist Franklin Graham ripped into Taylor Swift for her support of the Equality Act, calling the bill a “crushing threat to religious liberty” in a lengthy Facebook post.

“Shame on Taylor Swift for using her platform to try to push the socialist left’s so-called Equality Act, which has nothing to do with equality, but is about pushing the LGBTQ agenda down the throats of the American people,” Graham wrote on Tuesday. “When she received an award for her LGBTQ pride-themed music video at the MTV awards last night, she did a pitch for the Equality Act. This bill is the most crushing threat to religious liberty in our nation’s history.”

“In addition to allowing perverted men access to women’s private spaces like dressing rooms and restrooms, and allowing biological males to take over girls’ and women’s athletic competitions, this bill would do a lot more damage,” Graham added later in the post. “It’s about trying to force those of us who don’t agree to accept and approve the LGBTQ lifestyle, and I’m not going to accept that.”

The Equality Act would make sexual orientation and gender identity protected categories in federal anti-discrimination law.

Taylor Swift promoted the bill during MTV’s Video Music Awards earlier this week. She called on the president to respond to her petition supporting the Equality Act.

The White House rejected her request. “The Trump Administration absolutely opposes discrimination of any kind and supports the equal treatment of all; however, the House-passed bill in its current form is filled with poison pills that threaten to undermine parental and conscience rights,” it said in a statement.

Via WashingtonExaminer

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