Trump Seizes Opportunity To Trounce Joe Biden’s Campaign ‘Scale Back’

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Addressing a packed house on Thursday night at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester during a MAGA rally, President Donald Trump told attendees that the campaign of Joe Biden was a “disaster” following a report that the 2020 Democratic frontrunner might be trimming back public appearances after many weeks of making verbal errors.

“If I ever did that, it would be over,” the president told the crowd in Manchester.

“The fake news would get us.”

A report on Thursday in The Hill suggested that unidentified “Biden allies” want the candidate, who is 76, to limit his campaign stops before the 2020 election, as Fox News also pointed out.

They apparently feel this would help prevent any bad publicity that might ensue from verbal blunders Biden seems to continue making during appearances and speeches. – READ MORE

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