BREAKING: SEX SCANDAL And Corruption Rocks FBI Top Brass…Appears CNN Has Been Whoring Out Reporters For Leaks

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High-ranking FBI insiders say they reported top-level FBI brass for continued sexual romps with CNN reporters but former FBI director James Comey and his successor Christopher Wray looked the other way.

And did nothing.

The extramarital affair between fired FBI boss Peter Strzok and FBI top lawyer Lisa Page is public knowledge. Page has resigned from the Bureau.

Now Strzok’s name has surfaced again in regards to the unfolding CNN scandal, according to FBI insiders. And other top FBI bosses are implicated as well for sexual trysts with CNN reporters and anchors.

Here is what we know. High-level FBI officials complained to the highest executive offices of the FBI that Strzok and more top agents were engaged in sexual relationships with CNN’s on-air personnel. Those high-ranking sources say top management did not investigate the reports and the relationships continued. And the sexual romps still might continue today.

FBI agents having sexual relations with the media is something that is not only frowned upon at the FBI but also highly problematic. Look no further than the classified leaks that CNN has published, breaking anti-Trump stories with insider information from Justice Department insiders.

“Everyone saw the texts between Strzok and Page but they both worked here,” one FBI insider said. “I can imagine the texts between agents and their girlfriends who don’t have a security clearance.”

And who are paid to publicize insider intelligence or spread rumors the anti-Trump FBI bosses want to spread — a perfect set up for fake news or an organized propaganda underground to slander the Trump White House or other enemies.

Strzok and Page, for instance, were caught leaking stories to the Washington Post and other mainstream news outlets, according to the content of their texts which have been made public. The content of those stories had a negative slant toward President Donald Trump.

FBI insiders believe classified and sensitive intelligence was leaked to CNN as a byproduct of agents engaged in sexual affairs.

Strzok also worked as an investigator for Robert Mueller’s probe of President Trump and his campaign, before the FBI boss was fired from the team for anti-Trump texts. Mueller’s team also leaked several stories during the time frame Strzok was employed under Mueller. Many of those stories were first published by CNN.

The FBI for decades did not permit married agents to engage in extramarital affairs with anyone, especially members of the media. That offense was grounds for termination because FBI directors like Louis Freeh believed agents could be compromised by blackmail and outside influence and therefore the practice was outlawed.

While Freeh was a strict task master on the subject, Comey and Wray looked the other way.

Ignoring such problematic reports has angered many FBI agents and bosses. And the fact that the troubling allegations, which were provided in detail to Comey and later Wray, were never investigated smacks of an overt cover up.

And yet another black eye for the embattled FBI.

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