Ted Cruz Provides America With A Much Needed Comic Relief!

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As Red State‘s Brandon Morse wrote earlier today, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was besieged at LAX over the weekend by loud protesters who oppose his anti-open borders stance. Cruz remained unfazed, even smiling and laughing as he posed for pictures while the organized mob yelled at him in the background.

That humor carried over into today, when the Senator noticed a news report about how Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) had decided to grow a beard so people would stop confusing him for his twin brother and 2020 presidential candidate Julian:

Reporters were thrown off by the pair at last month’s Democratic presidential debate in Miami, when the brothers entered the media room afterward in similar suits.

And at a candidates’ forum in April, organizers mistakenly used a photo of Joaquin.

Julian took it in stride, saying it was OK because his brother is “better-looking.”

But Joaquin has come up with a solution to the hairy situation: He’s growing a beard.

“I hadn’t shaved in, like, five days, and I thought I’ll just go ahead and grow it, you know?” Joaquin, who reps the San Antonio area, told The Post.

Cruz responded to the report by saying he understood the frequent mix-ups, because he grew a beard to stop being confused with Kevin Malone from “The Office” series:

Twitter users got a big kick out of the quip and responded:

Here’s the video that .gif came from:

Of course, there was a Grayson Allen reference:

And a Zodiac killer reference:

Brandon even got in on the fun:

There have been other instances of Ted Cruz look-alikes written about on the Internet, which you can scroll through here.

Via RedState

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