‘Terrible Governor…A Horror Show!’ – Trump Tells Puerto Rican Officials EXACTLY What Their People Are Thinking!

President Donald Trump fired off against the governor of Puerto Rico while speaking to reporters in the Oval Office after the latter refused to step down amid a scandal involving leaked messages.

One day after Governor Ricardo Roselló’s (D-P.R.) announcement that he would not be pursuing reelection amidst a scandal revolving leaked private messages, the president blasted the embattled governor as “terrible.” He also torched San Juan Mayor Yulín Cruz (D-P.R.) as “horrible,” adding to their months-long feud.

“ a terrible governor,” Trump said on Monday. “I think you have an even worse mayor of San Juan. She’s horrible.”

The president continued on to roast Roselló as being “not good” and claiming that Congress left the $92 billion in “hurricane relief” in the “hands of incompetent people.” –READ MORE

Via TruePundit

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