Trump Tweet Blasts The Commie Squad Back To The Stone Age! ‘ The Four Congresswomen Are NOT Capable Of Loving Our Country!’

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President Trump is not backing down from slamming the socialist squad of the four house-women of the commie-pocalypse!

He’s certainly on much firmer ground for this rhetorical attack than his telling them to go back home. This is actually defensible, given their socialist and extremist policies and rhetoric.

And the media won’t admit it, but there really is a question as to how you could be a socialist, which is historically opposed to the essential economic system of the U.S., and say that you “love” America.

I remember when AOC made a list of all the great things America had done – the oldest one was going to the moon, which definitely was great, but shows you the limitation of how these new socialist extremists think. There’s no way they would ever appreciate the founding, the genius of the Constitution, or the great things this country has done prior to the last few decades.

So can socialists really “love” America when they deny what it is and reject it’s history?



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