Google Expert Testifies Before Ted Cruz: ‘Google Swung MILLIONS Of Votes In 2016, Will Do It Again In 2020’

An expert testified in Ted Cruz’s judiciary hearing the other day about Google that the top search company manipulated millions of votes in the 2016 based and suggests they can do it again in 2020:

Dr. Epstein first corrected Ted Cruz, pointing out that the 2.4 million was just the low number in a range that he believes could have been as high as over 10 million votes.

He then testifies that Google did this manipulation via techniques that he’s been studying for years, such as the “search engine manipulation effect”, “the search suggestion effect”, “the answer bot effect” and a number of others.

Ted Cruz pointed out something very relevant about Dr. Epstein on Twitter, noting that he was a Hillary Clinton supporter in 2016:

“This witness, a respected academic, publicly SUPPORTED Hillary Clinton in 2016. Nevertheless, he’s deeply dismayed w/ his research showing that Google was deceptively manipulating millions to vote for her. If they do it again in 2020, he predicts it could flip 15 million votes.”

I remember when Google got rid of their motto “Don’t be evil”. Now it all makes sense.


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