Democrats Approve Bill FORCING 3.7 Million American’s Into Unemployment…Just To ‘Even The Odds’ Against Trump!

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Democrats in the House successfully passed a bill that would force 1 to 3 million people to lose their jobs because liberals can’t do math.

Watch below:

Even by their own estimates, up to 3.7 million people would lose their jobs.

Look, this isn’t tough. Labor has a value. It is not artificial. If an employer can make a profit off of your labor, you get a job. If the government artificially forces the employer to pay you more than you’re worth, then he fires you. It’s that easy.

Thankfully, the Republicans will slap down this democratic idiocy in the Senate:

There are all sorts of studies on the effect of raising minimum wage, but there’s no one better to read on this than Thomas Sowell, who goes through the history of minimum wage and shows how it was first used in order to keep blacks in poverty. Amazing isn’t it?

Here’s a video of the audio reading from his book where he explains why minimum wage actually makes the worker more miserable:


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