AG Barr Tells Trump To Put Citizenship Question On The Census: ‘We Have A Pathway!’

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The Post and Courier reports that during a visit to South Carolina today, AG Barr said a legal work-around will be presented that will finally allow the citizenship question on the 2020 census.

Attorney General Barr spoke to reporters after a visit to a federal prison and commented on the census question: “I think, over the next day or two, you’ll see what approach we’re taking and I think it does provide a pathway for getting the question on the census.

The Trump administration has been trying to add the citizenship question for all Americans back to the 2020 census. According to Snopes: It won’t be the first time people are required to divulge their citizenship status on a U.S. census form, but it will be the first time since 1950 that everyone is required to do so.

The Supreme Court delivered a huge blow to the Trump administration in June.

President Trump voiced his frustration on Twitter:

Seems totally ridiculous that our government, and indeed Country, cannot ask a basic question of Citizenship in a very expensive, detailed and important Census, in this case for 2020. I have asked the lawyers if they can delay the Census, no matter how long, until the United States Supreme Court is given additional information from which it can make a final and decisive decision on this very critical matter. Can anyone really believe that as a great Country, we are not able the ask whether or not someone is a Citizen? Only in America!

Nancy Pelosi responded to the news from Barr today by saying Trump just wants to make “America white again”.

The Democrats are fighting to keep the question of citizenship off of the census because of two reasons:

Rush Limbaugh has been the best at explaining why the Democrats don’t want this question on the census. Either way, the Democrats are in trouble if illegals answer or don’t answer the question.

If illegals answer the question, the lie that Democrats have been telling about the number of illegals in America will be exposed:

What is the census? Among many other things, it counts the number of people who live here and tells us a lot about who they are demographically, any number of ways. And what happens when people find out that the number of illegals here is not 12 million, that it’s 20 or 30, that we are supporting and providing education and health care and all that to, and that they just keep coming. The left doesn’t want the true number out there. They want you to believe it’s 12 million or fewer living in the shadows.

If illegals don’t answer the question then there will be an undercount that will result in less taxpayer money for their districts and more seats in the U.S. House and in statehouses:

New York Times: “Despite Concerns, Census Will Ask Respondents if They Are U.S. Citizens — Critics of the change and experts in the Census Bureau itself have said that, amid a fiery immigration debate, the inclusion of a citizenship question could prompt immigrants who are in the country illegally not to respond. That would result in a severe undercount of the population — and, in turn, faulty data for government agencies and outside groups that rely on the census. The effects would also bleed into the redistricting of the House and state legislatures in the next decade.”

Let me translate that for you. The Democrats want illegal aliens counted in order to get more taxpayer money for their districts and more seats in the U.S. House and in statehouses. The second point being even more important than the first since the Democrats know once they have the power, they can vote themselves whatever money they want. But they’re caught between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, they do want the accurate number. On the other hand, they don’t dare.

Let’s hope this question is added because legal Americans need the truth about how many illegals are in the country. This will either expose the Democrats or put the screws to them when their numbers aren’t high because of the refusal of illegals to participate in the census.

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