US World Cup Victory RUINED After Star Player Tossed American Flag On Ground Then Danced On It!

The video says it all. No exaggeration required.

Members of the US Women’s Soccer team won the World Cup on Sunday then while celebrating, tossed the US flag to the ground like a rag doll and danced around it while posing for the cameras.

Trump-hater Megan Rapinoe was front and center of course. She’s the all-star who has trashed President Trump and who was criticized for taking a knee during the national anthem before matches.

It’s little wonder why much of the country dislikes how political this team has become.

Tossing the flag to the ground and trampling on it surely does not help. We see this in Iran, but from a USA team? No respect.

One member of the team, to her credit, scooped the flag off of the turf while Rapinoe and friends danced with Old Glory under foot.

What a disgrace.

Via TruePundit

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