GRAB SOME POPCORN: The Pelosi-AOC Feud Has Broken Out Into A Full-On Dem. Civil War!

Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi whipped the whippersnapper Democrats in their first terms who make the most news, and the most trouble, by pushing their extreme left-wing, social justice warrior nonsense on everyone.

Pelosi was mad that people treat the newbies like they’re more liberal and progressive than her, and probably mad that they’re going to tank the 2020 election by being nutcases, but the burn was bipartisan gold as she suggested that they are just social media weirdos living off their tweets and follower count.

I am still cracking up about it. But anyway, AOC tried to burn back. The only thing better than Dem establishment burning Dem newbies is total Dem warfare, so this is just music to our eyes and ears.

That is so great. It’s snotty, it’s sarcastic, it obviously meant to imply Pelosi is out of touch, out of tune, and out of time … it’s just preciously, precociously perfect.

But it gets better. The wounded social justice warrior couldn’t let it go a snarkastic win. She was so hurt by being exposed as a Twitter Democrat that she lashed out in defense of social media as some kind of awesome force of the people.

And then, for the finale, she basically says that Pelosi is killing kids.


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