Joe Biden’s Campaign CONFIRMS He Got Hit With Some REALLY BAD NEWS!

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Oh no, poor sleepy Joe has had his bubble burst after a poor performance at the Democratic debates!! And this is just one day after the debates, he could fall much further:

The percentage of Democrats who say they would vote for former Vice President Joe Biden if the presidential race were held tomorrow slipped by 10 points after the first primary debate.

According to a Morning Consult/FiveThirtyEight poll of likely Democratic voters released on Friday, 41.5 percent said before the debates they would vote for Biden tomorrow, but 31.5 percent said the same thing after Thursday night’s debate.

The apparent decline in support comes after Biden was widely seen as having faltered, including engaging in a stark exchange with Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) over school busing.

WOW. And Kamala is on the way up:

Harris herself got a nearly 9 point bump, with 16.6 percent of Democrats saying they would support her after the debate, up from 7.9 percent before the events.

Other 2020 candidates had marginal increases or decreases.

This is not too surprising – the Democrat pundits appeared to have their knives sharpened so that they could stab uncle Joe in the back after the debates. But this is just one poll. As they keep telling us, it’s African-American support for Obama that is transferred to Biden. You can be sure that Kamala will keep up the racial attacks in order to steal that black support from him…



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