Trump Makes One Thing Clear To Iran: ‘No More Obama & Kerry’ Attacking Anything American Will Have Grave Consequences!

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Last night Iran told the US that Trump’s latest sanctions meant the “permanent” end to diplomatic relations between the two countries. They also insulted Trump by saying the White House was “afflicted by mental retardation”.

Trump just took to Twitter and responded to Iran’s latest comments in a three-part tweet that essentially warns them against attacking “anything American” or else the US will respond with “overwhelming force” which may mean “obliteration” in some areas:

I love that dig at Obama and Kerry at the end. LOL!

But seriously, this isn’t a situation to be taken lightly. Trump is laying it all out on the line now, drawing red lines on military action.

He’s right to suggest that Iran only understands strength and power and hopefully they won’t test Trump’s resolve or try and call his bluff. If they do, he won’t have any recourse after this statement but to respond with serious military action.



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