Nut Job Liz Warren Says Those Poor Enslaved Gays Need Their Reparations Too!

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It’s Socialist-Democrat Christmas, with every presidential candidate acting like Santa Claus but instead of giving toys, they’re giving out taxpayer-funded cash!

On today’s edition of commie Christmas, Liz Warren is going to one-up slavery reparations and send every gay person a sweet reparation check!

Here’s some of the article:

LGBTQ+ Americans have historically received unjust treatment by the United States government, but some politicians are now looking to correct past wrongs. On June 20, Massachusetts Senator and Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren introduced the Refund Equality Act, a bill that would benefit same-sex couples formerly discriminated against through the U.S. Tax Code due to unequal marriage laws.

If the act passes, LGBTQ+ couples married in states where their union was recognized before gay marriage was legalized nationwide in 2013 could amend their past tax returns to receive IRS refunds. According to NBC News, that’s approximately $57 million in total owed to countless couples who weren’t able to jointly file federal tax returns prior to the Supreme Court’s decision.

Reparations for you, and you, and for all the identity politics groups!!! THAT’S how you win the Democratic primary, folks…

Here’s some more gay-pandering from Big Chief Warren of the Fauxhican tribe:

Who wants to bet me that before long we’ll be talking about tranny-reparations?



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