Trumps Lays Out The Facts, Explains Exactly Why He Called Off An Attack On Iran

Trump gave a more full understanding of what happened last night when he called off the retaliatory attack on the Iranians in an interview with Chuck Todd:

Trump makes clear that he never ‘green-lighted’ the attack just to turn around and stop it, as it was reported last night. He said these attacks are never green-lighted until the very end. He also said there were no planes in the air, as was reported.

Trump said they put a plan together, subject to his approval, and when they presented him with the plan he asked about casualties. It was at that time one of his generals double checked the potential casualty count and told him it would be 150 dead.

It was at that point Trump felt that it was too disproportionate and called off the mission.

Watch the video for more…


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