Border Crisis? More Like Border Plague! THOUSANDS Of Illegals Are Crossing The Border RIDDLED With Measles, Mumps

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Oh boy this is bad. Among a historic overflow of migrants at the border, now we have a disease outbreak at detention centers.

ICE officials have responded by putting a quarantine into effect for thousands that might have been exposed to mumps and measles.

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From Newsy:

Thousands of immigrants are in quarantine after being exposed to mumps or chicken pox.

CNN reports ICE has placed 5,200 adults in 39 detention centers under medical quarantine. Around 4,200 of those quarantined have reportedly been exposed to mumps, roughly 800 were exposed to chicken pox, and another 100 were exposed to both.

ICE has dealt with contagious diseases like the measles, the flu and chicken pox before. But it wasn’t until last September that the agency recorded cases of mumps. It’s not clear how the disease was introduced into ICE facilities or how it spread.

The Department of Homeland Security has warned Congress about an increased number of migrant detentions at the southern border, and a recent watchdog report found some ICE detention centers are already dangerously overcrowded.

What a disaster. And to be honest, I just don’t think there are easy answers here. We are bound by our international agreements to accept refugees, and it takes a long time to process when you have thousands upon thousands at the border. Trump had a plan to bring in way more immigration judge to process the claims, and that would definitely help. His deal to have Mexico help deal with the migrants before they even get to our border is one of the better solutions.

This is a growing calamity and it’s absolutely absurd for Democrats to pretend it’s not, and more than that, it’s abjectly dishonest of the media not to seriously press Democrats on what they plan to do with all these people, and what the consequences would be of their idiotic “open border” policies.


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