Ted Cruz Is Showing Lawmakers How Both Sides Can Work Together To GET SOMETHING DONE — AOC Just Puts Fingers In Her Ears

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Ted Cruz has indicated on Twitter that he wants to team up with Ocasio-Cortez again, this time on birth control. Just two weeks ago Cruz made headlines by offering to team up with AOC on a bill that would ban congress members from becoming lobbyists.

Today, he wants to make birth control available over the counter:

So far AOC hasn’t responded to his tweet from earlier today.

According to Yahoo News:

Under current law, birth control pills are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and women are required to obtain a doctor’s prescription to obtain them.

Proponents of making birth control an over-the-counter medication say that women face higher costs from doctor’s visits and insurance copayments than they would if the pill were simply available without a prescription. On the other hand, insurance plans with drug coverage may cover birth control prescriptions, whereas over-the-counter drugs are usually paid for out of pocket.

We’ll see what happens with this going forward.



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