Leftist Rag, Daily Beast, Got CAUGHT Publishing Blatant Fake News About Trump Family — Forced To Issue ‘Correction’

The Daily Beast has put out a correction (not an apology) for their blatant lie about Don and Eric Trump allegedly skipping out on a bar tab.

The Daily Beast on Saturday posted a story headlined “Eric and Donald Trump Jr. Still Have Not Paid Irish Bar Tab.”

The story was totally wrong.

Arthur Schwartz caught the lie and posted on Twitter. “Why does @thedailybeast aggregate and promote lies? This is why no one trusts the media. Holding my breath waiting for an apology from the hacks at The Daily Beast.”

The Trump boys had popped ’round to the pub in Ireland this week and bought a round for the house. “They were so lovely and down to earth and gave a great hello to everyone,” Igoe Bar owner Caroline Kennedy told The Irish Mirror. They even poured the beers. “I said, ‘Come on lads, you have to come in and pull a drink,’ so they did,” Kennedy said. And she added, “I don’t think they carry cash. We were told it’d be all sorted later so there’s no problem.”

Schwartz’s tweet included a statement from the bar that said the bill was “paid in full for the round of drinks.”

“We have just had the most fantastic week in Doonbeg with the visit of the Trump family,” the inn wrote on Facebook. “I would like to clarify that The Igoe Inn was paid in full for the round of drinks that Eric & Don bought for our customers. We appreciate their business. We Do Not appreciate being misquoted.”

So the Daily Beast rewrote the story — with another headline still intended to imply the Trump boys were cheap and entitled.

“Golf Course Pays Off Trump Sons’ Irish Bar Bill.”

When Donald Trump’s sons Eric and Donald, Jr. went on their Irish pub crawl last week and offered free rounds for the house, they failed to pay the tab right away, according to at least one pub owner. Caroline Kennedy, the owner of Igoe bar in Doonbeg, where Trump owns a golf course, told The Daily Beast that she wasn’t worried at first when they skipped out on the tab because she assumed someone would follow up and pay her and other pub owners in the village. “That didn’t happen right away,” she said. “So I sent a bill to the Trump golf course.” On Saturday, Kennedy’s son posted on Facebook that the bill had been paid, and, according to further clarification from the Igoe, the golf course had given the bar a purchase order number and the bill had been arranged to be paid for by the Trump golf course, and that they were not, in fact, worried one bit.

The Beast added this at the bottom: “UPDATE: The original version of this item said that the pub had not been paid at all. We regret the error.”

Schwartz was not satisfied.

The Beast then put out another tweet.

Schwartz noted that the Beast didn’t exactly apologize to the Trump boys.

“You spelled ‘We apologize to Don & Eric Trump for the piss poor quality of our reporting’ wrong.”

VIA GatewayPundit

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