Did The ‘Honest’ Robert Mueller Get Busted EDITING EVIDENCE To Make It Seem Like Trump Obstructed Justice?

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This is a pretty big deal.

The issues with Robert Mueller’s report are apparent, especially given his decision to overstep DOJ guidelines and smear those who he had no intention of charging. Part two of the report reads like a roadmap too impeachment, full of insinuations and scatter shot “evidence” that doesn’t actually add up to anything but more speculation.

Mueller’s inability to do his job smacked of political gamesmanship. He winked and nodded at Congress but didn’t have the fortitude to just recommend charges against Trump. There was no regulation stopping him from doing so and in the end, he failed to complete the one task his special counsel was appointed to do.

We did not need Robert Mueller to investigate Facebook trolls or DNC emails. The only reason for his existence was to answer questions of criminality on the President’s part given the supposed conflict of interests at the DOJ. When Ken Starr was tasked with that during the Bill Clinton years, he had the courage to put in his report exactly the laws the former President had broken. Mueller chose not to because he didn’t have the goods but wanted to still leave a negative impression.

The more we learn, the worse Mueller looks and this newest revelation is pretty damning.

Remember a few weeks ago when the media and Democrats thought they had a bombshell based on a voicemail that supposedly showed Trump’s legal team trying to coordinate with Flynn’s legal team after he agreed to cooperate with the government? I wrote at the time what a garbage accusation it was.

Let’s just say that I’m getting tired of being right all the time.

Here’s the original source who caught this.

This is pretty crazy. The report is the size of a moderate length novel but Mueller just had to edit those lines out? And as the media ran crazy with accusations of obstruction of justice and witness tampering, Mueller sat idly by even though he’s been speaking out on other matters.

Those that are still hanging onto a virtuous image of “Saint” Mueller are delusional. This guy is as cunning and manipulative today as he was a decade ago in the Pan Am case.

John Dowd, who’s Trump’s lawyer in the call gave a comment (Techno Frog may lack the coveted blue checkmark, but he’s a legit insider on this stuff).

So there you have it.

Robert Mueller and his team purposely edited a call to remove context and to try to paint something totally innocuous as a sinister attempt at obstructing justice. This is exactly why he does not want to testify and why Democrats are not subpoenaing him. They know he’d get destroyed if forced to defend his report.

If Mueller was willing to do this, what else was he willing to manipulate in his report?

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