Social Media Begins Meddling In 2020 Election – Trump Fires Warning Shot Across The Bow

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President Trump took to Twitter to speak out against the private censorship of his supporters on social media.

He began with retweeting this earlier in the day:

Then he came back to the topic just now – and he seems very incensed about it.

There are some on the right, like Tucker Carlson, who wants the government to take over the means of social media platform production in order to make sure that his friends and allies aren’t punished.

Like Diamond and Silk:

And also James Woods:

Yes, we do have freedom of speech. And those people can keep speaking, just not on Twitter, or whatever other platforms. I think it’s fine for politicians to use their influence to try to make sure these platforms are applying their own rules fairly, but I stop short of pushing for the state to control public media companies. After all, we can’t be in control forever. Do you really want to give Dems more precedence to take over the private sector?



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