DESPARATE Kamala Harris Spearheads Interference Against Bill Barr’s Spygate Investigation

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Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris appears to believe that President Donald Trump pressured Attorney General Bill Barr to launch an investigation into the origins of the Russia probe.

As such, she feels that Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who at the moment is busy investigating whether the Obama administration had abused the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to spy on Trump, should also investigate the White House.

In a letter to Horowitz sent Friday, Harris complained that, when Barr had testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier in the week, he’d refused to directly “state whether he had been directed to open investigations at the request or suggestion of the President or other White House officials.”

“Such inappropriate requests by the President have been well documented. … There must be no doubt that the Department of Justice and its leadership stand apart from partisan politics, and resist improper attempts to use the power of federal law enforcement to settle personal scores.”

She concluded by requesting that the Office of Inspector General “investigate whether the Attorney General has received or acted upon requests or suggestions, whether implied or explicit, to investigate the President’s perceived enemies.”

It’s unclear what would be improper about the president asking his top law enforcement officer to investigate whether the prior administration had illegally surveilled his election campaign, especially in light of all the evidence showing that the Obama administration did indeed spy on him.

Just a day earlier The New York Times had run a bombshell piece revealing that during the 2016 presidential election, then-President Barack Hussein Obama’s FBI had employed multiple spies to surveil then-GOP presidential nominee Trump’s foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos.

While conservative media have been aware of such spying efforts since at least 2018, Thursday’s bombshell marked one of the first instances of the left-wing media acknowledging the truth.

Speaking before the Senate Appropriations Committee last month, Attorney General Barr tried to point out that “spying did occur,” but his assertion was dismissed and mocked by the left.

During the hearing the AG also pledged to investigate the Obama administration’s spying efforts to ensure that they’d been “adequately predicated,” i.e., everything had been on the up and up.

Ever since Barr made those remarks, he’s faced criticism from congressional Democrats who feel as if his interest in investigating the origins of the Russia probe are partisan in nature.

Given the Times’ bombshell report Thursday, one would think that congressional Democrats might finally begin to understand the Trump administration’s concerns about Obama’s spying. But apparently no, congressional Democrats instead intend to double down on their rhetoric.

The big question is why. Many suspect it’s because of abject fear and panic:

Regarding the latter user’s theory, many have speculated that the proven spying that did occur under the Obama administration could have only happened with the approval of top administration officials, including President Obama, former Vice President Joe Biden and former AG Loretta Lynch.

“This didn’t stop at Ben Rhodes or some low-level underling. Barack Obama knew about this. He authorized it. There has to be accountability,” former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said during an appearance on Fox Business Network last month.

“And I’m happy Attorney General Barr is digging into this,” he added.

Polls suggest the American people feel similarly in regard to Barr “digging into this.”

A CNN poll published this week found that “69% [of Americans] think Congress ought to investigate the origins of the Justice Department’s inquiry into Russian interference in the 2016 election, including 76% of Democrats, 69% of independents and 62% of Republicans.”

That’s a majority of all Americans of all political stripes, which raises the question — why does Harris think Barr’s investigation is partisan in nature when even her own constituents support it?

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