Dan Crenshaw Takes Down Bernie Sanders’ Entire Ideology With One Tactical Tweet!

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“Stop trying to convince people they need government to save them.” 

Rep. Dan Crenshaw on Monday shot down the Sen. Bernie Sanders’ socialist-style agenda with a couple basic facts about the U.S. economy.

Sanders, I-Vt., a self-styled democratic socialist who is running as a Democrat for president, had tweeted that his promise to enact a federal jobs guarantee is “not a radical idea.” He claimed that the policy would create a “much healthier and happier America” by reducing crime, boosting mental health and strengthening a “sense of community.”

All those benefits would supposedly flow from setting aside a job for every American, thereby achieving a “full employment economy.”

But in a reply, Crenshaw pointed out that the United States has already achieved this mythic status thanks to Republican tax cuts and regulatory reforms. He further noted that for the first time in 18 years, the country has more job openings than unemployed workers, and wages are rising.

“Stop trying to convince people they need government to save them,” Crenshaw told Sanders.

Crenshaw, a former Navy Seal and combat veteran turned freshman congressman, may have effectively won the war along with the battle.

Sanders economic argument is predicated on the assumption that heavy government intervention is needed to ensure that the economy provides for the various services that he considers human rights. In the wake of the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008 and the resulting Great Recession, a growing number of Democrats, and particularly young people, have been won over to this worldview.

However, if economic growth keeps producing more jobs and higher wages, nobody is going to need the government to buy them healthcare or pay for their college. In that case, so much for the Bernie platform.

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