AOC Gets Too Big For Her Breeches – Goes Full Blown SOCIALIST DICTATOR On MSM Attacks

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I’m so old that I remember when Democrats thought attacking the mainstream media was a serious threat to democracy.

Nah, that’s only when Trump does it, apparently.

Sunday, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez embraced her demented dream of being America’s first Socialist Dictator by essentially endorsing attacks on the mainstream media…as long as they have her blessing. Mind you she belongs to the political party that decries such attacks as attacks on democracy. Classic.

Democrats and their cohorts on the activist left have been organizing boycotts of the New York Post over their cover image from last Thursday’s paper that ripped Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN-5) for dismissive remarks she made about 9/11 during a CAIR banquet back in late March.

Reps. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI-2) and Omar both retweeted the below tweet from a community activist in New York City:

Tlaib retweeted this tweet, too:

And Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY-14) tweeted this one out Sunday:

Oddly enough, though, in an interview she did on Sunday afternoonshe flip flopped on her endorsement of the boycott. And then flip flopped again:

“And also I think it is important to, to assert that I didn’t call for a boycott of the New York Post,” she said. “What I’m, I’m amplifying, I’m amplifying organizing that’s happening on the ground, and I, I do think that there’s a substantive difference between the two.”


Asked on Skullduggery if that tweet wasn’t “implicitly” endorsing the Post boycott, Ocasio-Cortez responded: “I endorse it. I do endorse it.”

Pressed on whether her goal was to force a change in the paper’s editorial policies or to simply hurt its bottom line, Ocasio-Cortez said her gesture was more of a show of support for those who were organizing the boycott.

“Well for me, my perspective is, my focus is actually less in endorsing it, my focus is less on the Post and [more on] the many bodega owners and building the power and solidarity of immigrant groups in New York City,” she said.

Say what? I mean, would this work for President Trump?

Via RedState

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