AG Barr Just PISSED OFF The Liberal Masses – Overrules Court Decision On Asylum Seekers

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Well this is interesting.

The Attorney General has overruled a 2005 immigration decision that made asylum seekers who passed a ‘credible fear’ interview eligible for release on bond:

In other words, asylum seekers who pass this credible fear interview will no longer be eligible for release on bond when this goes into effect, which is 90 days:

Some on Twitter are saying this wouldn’t apply to families, noting that Flores still applies there…

I see liberals on Twitter crying foul, as you might expect.

The big question is if DHS decides not to release credible asylum seekers on bond, where will they keep them? The last I heard was that DHS was just releasing illegals into the country because they were so overwhelmed they didn’t have any place to detain them. And as summer approaches you can bet this is only gonna get worse.

You can read the full 11-page ruling here if you like.



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