LOL: She’s FAILED Twice, Yet Democrats Want Hillary’s Advice On How To Beat Trump?! He’s Totally Going To Win!

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CNN anchors have the most amazing lack of self-awareness in the history of the world. EXCEPT for Hillary Clinton, that is. So the hilarity was inevitable in this exchange between one of the former and the latter.

The clip features Fareed Zakaria, without a hint of humor, asking Hillary Clinton what advice she would give to the many Democrats running against Trump in 2020.

No, no, that’s for real. He did that. In case it’s not clear, Hillary lost that election, and did a pretty bang-up job of ensuring her own loss, rather than falling to the fates and misfortunes outside her control. And it is on that experience that Zakaria seeks her wisdom and insight. He asks for advice for Dems trying to do what she did.

What she did? You mean LOSE? They don’t seem like they need any advice, they’re doing great at it.

I know, you’re laughing before you even hit play.

Also love that line about “diversion and distraction.”

But it’s not even the video that’s the best thing. It’s the replies to the tweet.



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