APPALLING: Sheila Jackson Defends Ilhan Omar’s Disgusting 9/11 Comments, Demands Trump Apologize To Victims Instead!

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The Democrats are doubling down on using anti-Semite Ilhan Omar’s ugly indifference to 9/11 as a reason for bashing Trump. This will backfire on them, but they’ve got their heads way too far up their bubble to believe it.

In this tweet thread, it’s Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a fan favorite at Right Scoop, going off about it and demanding – I’m telling you, this ain’t a joke – that President Trump apologize to victims and families of 9/11 attacks for defending the sacred memory of that terrible day against Omar’s casual Council on American-Islamic Relations toss-off reference to the attack as simply an unfair catalyst for being mean to Muslims.

“The President should apologize to the families and victims of the most heinous and significant terrorist attack that occurred in the United States of America: 9/11, for using the depiction of that horrific violence for political purposes,” she tweeted, with what we can assume was somehow a straight face.

The irony is almost too much to even believe. Seriously!

Look at this mess:

What is there even to say to this anymore? They are beyond madness. It’s dangerous.

Frankly, I think Rep. Lee is inciting violence against the President of the United States. I’m pretty sure there’s some kind of law about that.


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