Liberal Media Gets Triggered After Trump Says He’ll Skip White House Correspondents Dinner AGAIN!

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The President announced today that he’s not going to attend the White House Correspondents Dinner (again) because it’s “so boring and so negative” (Fact-Check: True).

Instead, he’s going to hold a rally for all those objectionable people that journalists would never be caught dead in the same room with.

This dude is such a master troll. And sure enough, he triggered the liberal hall monitor over at CNN.

This kind of mellow-dramatic nonsense is why people can’t stand the media. The media’s lives are not in danger because Trump calls them fake news. Jim Acosta getting heckled (and then taking selfies with his hecklers) is not a threat to the 1st amendment. Contrary to their inflated egos, these people just aren’t that important. With or without them, the country would still function. If they don’t want Donald Trump going after them, maybe try reporting fairly for even just one day of his Presidency? Just a thought.

The White House Correspondents Dinner is a pathetic display of middle aged, unattractive people dressing up and pretending they are famous for a night. It’s the worst kind of excess by a supposedly super-serious, objective news media complex. Trump skipping it only further delegitimizes it and that’s a good thing.

If the President only accomplishes one more thing in his tenure, refusing to attend and diminishing the “nerd prom” into nothing but a sad, self-congratulatory gathering is enough. Monuments will be built in his honor for doing such a great service to this nation.

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