Democrats Want To Take Border Funding To Build WELCOME CENTERS For Immigrant Caravans!

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Former lawmaker Democrat Luis Gutierrez wants welcome centers in every major US city for illegal caravan migrants.

This is a party that seeks a national suicide.

Gutierrez was on CNN this weekend when he made the comments.

Via Breitbart:

Former Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) over the weekend called on mayors of major U.S. cities to open “welcoming centers” for caravan migrants.

Appearing on CNN, Gutierrez, who is now a senior policy adviser for the National Partnership of New Americans (NPNA), urged Democrats leading major U.S. cities like Chicago and Los Angeles to “invite” caravan migrants to stay in their cities, saying he hoped his party “stands up for its principles.”

He said America is the “richest, most powerful nation in the world,” and it “should also be the nation with the biggest heart and a nation that has a great tradition of receiving refugees.”

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