UPDATE: PA Muslim Lawmaker Attacking Christian Prayer Calls Christians ‘White Nationalists’!

Of course CNN had Movita Johnson-Harrell to whine about why hearing the words “Jesus Christ” is so offensive to her.

And CNN agrees:

She actually blames white nationalism for a Christian prayer! LOL! What?!

Like we said before, the prayer that Borowicz gave was absolutely normal and typical of most Christians. Maybe if you’re a faithless secularist you cringe at hearing the words “Jesus Christ” mentioned, but we actually have a long history of invoking Christianity in the United States. It’s only recently that people recoil in horror like a vampire before a crucifix.

I love Smerconish melting down at the thought someone might mention the words “Jesus Christ” in a prayer thirteen times. I guess there’s a constitutional limit on that? Idiot.

And ironically, at the end she tries to “inform” people that Jesus is in the Koran too. So then why is she offended by hearing the words? So stupid.

We covered the story earlier here if you want to read more about it.


CNN posted the whole interview on their youtube, including the great response from Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council:

Via TheRightScoop

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