WARNING: These Photos Of The Border Crisis Will PISS YOU OFF! Thanks Democrats!

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We’ve written several times this week about the crisis at the border reaching epic proportions.

But I’ve just run across photos of what’s going on down in El Paso that really tell the story of how bad it’s gotten down there.

The head of CBP just said they are now at a breaking point and these photos prove his point.

Here’s video from the same area:

We gotta have more action on this from Trump and Nielsen than just tweets. If Trump’s gonna close the border, he needs to do it. He needs to then order officials to deny all asylum requests until we get through this madness. He needs to send the military and the national guard to the border to help with the crisis. And if he needs more funding to hire more judges and border officials, declare another national emergency and make it happen.

Hopefully they are already in the process of doing some of these things. Right now it feels like nothing is happening, but I hope that’s really not true and I can bring you some news of these developments soon.

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