Trump Goes FOR THE KILL! Takes Off The Gloves And Gives ‘Mr. Kellyanne Conway’ Two Black Eyes

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This has got to make for awkward evenings at the Conway household.

George Conway, husband of White House staple Kellyanne Conway, has been going after Trump for years at this point. Redstate writer Elizabeth Vaughn covered some of his latest antics a few days ago. He’s consistently pushed the idea that Trump is mentally ill and needs to be removed from office. He bases this almost entirely on the President’s Twitter habits.

Conway recently posted this page from a book, clearly insinuating Trump suffers from a mental disorder.

As has been covered many times, you can not diagnose a mental disorder over Twitter. There are lots of people who tweet objectionable things and can’t let an insult roll off their back. By Conway’s logic, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is also mentally ill (actually, maybe he’s onto something).

Conway also posted this recently.

Is he really getting worse?

Objectively, Trump’s tweeting is no worse today than it was five years ago. He still insults people, he still uses nicknames, and he still can’t take an insult without firing back (as we’ll see). If anything, he’s mellowed out slightly and doesn’t do it as frequently. To assert that he’s getting worse is nonsensical. This is who Trump is. It’s not a mental disorder, it’s simply a product of having thin skin and an inability to not punch down. Conway’s constant tweeting about this reeks of just trying to get attention in the face of his wife eating up all the headlines.

Oddly enough, Conway actually lets the mask slip a little on that with this quote.

Conway also gave himself a little credit for her success.

“I made it possible for her to be where she is today,” he said. “So there’s that.”

Lucky for Conway, he’s got plot armor a foot thick or he’d be criticized by the media as being sexist for making such a comment. It’s also pretty disrespectful to his wife but hey, it’s their marriage.

Where does all this animosity come from? His vendetta seemed to start after he was passed over for a big DOJ position in 2017.

George Conway, the husband of senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, is set to be nominated to run the Justice Department’s civil division, according to people familiar with the matter, a job that would put him at the forefront defending the controversial immigration executive order and other lawsuits against the Trump administration.

In the end, that didn’t happen and he’s been frothing at the mouth over Trump on Twitter ever since. Just a coincidence? Unlikely, as he wouldn’t be the first (cough Michael Cohen cough) person to try to use Trump to their advantage and then get mad when they don’t get a job they want.

Kellyanne responded to her husband’s latest tweets by largely dismissing them.

Kellyanne said Monday morning she did not have the same concerns as her husband.

“I have four kids and I was getting them out of the house this morning to talk to the president about substance, so I may not be up to speed on all,” she said of her husband’s Monday tweets.

As if things couldn’t get any more tense, the President has now finally responded to George Conway’s sniping and it’s pretty much textbook Donald Trump.


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