INSANE VIDEO: Pro-Palestine Students Gang Up On Chelsea Clinton, Blame Her For Christchurch Mosque Shooting!

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IN one of the nuttiest craziest things I’ve ever seen, a bunch of weirdo palestinian activists started screaming at preggers Chelsea Clinton because they think that her tweet against Ilhan Omar lead to dead bodies.

Yeah, that happened!

And there’s video of this insane event!!

Yeah, they’re accusing Chelsea Clinton of causing the massacre in New Zealand! They’re insane!! In fact, they’re so crazy that the girl who posted the video had to shut down her account after she was nailed with backlash.

Here’s the nutcase that actually yelled at Chelsea:

Now you all know we’re the last people anyone would call fans of Chelsea, but this is abjectly stupid. Conservatives [and others] were actually having to defend Chelsea from these idiots.

Via TheRightScoop


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