BREAKING: Mike Lee Stabs Trump In Back — Turns Against His National Emergency!

Early this year Senator Mike Lee said he believed that Trump’s national emergency was legal even though he disagreed with it:

Fast forward to this week. A couple days ago we told you that there were negotiations going on between GOP senators and the president, to find a deal so that they could support Trump’s national emergency. Mike Lee was apart of those negotiations.

Well apparently they broke down and now Lee is going to vote against Trump’s national emergency when the resolution comes up for a vote in the Senate:

Alex Bolton is a staff writer for The Hill, just so you know.

This will no doubt upset a lot of Republicans who did not want to see Trump have to veto the disapproval resolution. But with four Republicans already set to vote no, the passage of the resolution is all but certain.

And then there were five: Lee, Tillis, Paul, Collins and Murkowski.

What do you think?

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