LISTEN: 79-Year-Old Woman Heroically Wards Off Intruder With Gun, ‘Come On Punk…I’m Going To Blow Your Damn Brains Out!’

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A 79-year-old Jackson County, Georgia, used a 911 call to report a home invasion then fired a round and called the alleged intruder a “punk” while talking to the dispatcher.

The incident occurred in Commerce, Georgia, on February 12 but the 911 was just released.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release on the incident, describing it as a home invasion and burglary” which occurred shortly after noon. The 79-year-old woman “heard someone trying to get in a window and went to her back door to look out, at which time a black male was standing there.” She warned the would-be intruder not to come into her home.

She called 911 to report that the intruder was trying to get in her home. The 911 call recorded the woman saying, “Come on up in here, I got something for you.”

11 ALIVE reports the woman soon heard glass breaking and she told 911, “Come on, please.” She warned the 911 dispatcher she had a gun and could now hear the intruder upstairs.

The 911 call picked up the woman yelling upstairs to the intruder, “I waiting for you. If you come down those stairs I’m going to blow your damn brains out.”

The woman fires another shot and yells, “Come on, punk, come on down these stairs.”

The 911 dispatcher asked, “Ma’am, are you shooting at him again?”


Jackson County Sheriff’s deputies arrived and arrested 20-year-old Hans E. Rogers. He was charged with burglary and home invasion.

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