PRICELESS: After Trump Delivers KNOCKOUT SOTU Address, AOC Was Asked To Defend Socialism – She Failed!

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Last night during Trump’s State of the Union address, the Donald said socialism is terrible and the United States will never become socialist, citing the stink pile that is Venezuela as evidence. Chris Matthews of MSNBC asked for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s opinion on Trump’s point about Venezuelan socialism. Seeing as how she’s socialism’s newest mascot. Watch the clip and tell me if you find an answer. Because I came up with shrugged shoulders and a desire to make fart noises.

“I feel like he feels like he’s losing on the issues.

No, I don’t think that’s it. Try again.

“All the silly ideas I have have been overwhelmingly popular… even though none have been implemented. Even though Washington Post has been forced to run fact checks on my made up math. Also all the Americans who aren’t millionaires love my idea of taxing millionaires! So see, Americans love socialism even though they don’t actually when it affects their lives directly but look it, I’m dressed in white!”

I’ve watched the interview twice. I didn’t hear Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez answer the question. I heard a lot of distractive maneuvers. I saw the hoop hearings. Which look fabulous by the way. But I didn’t hear an answer to Chris Matthews’ question regards Trump tying the failures of socialism with the failures of Venezuela. Which seems like a direct correlation to me.

I know, I know, “Venezuela hasn’t done socialism correctly” the socialist drones all cheer in perfect unison. What socialism really needs to get off the ground are leaders like Alexandria here, who has lots of passion and hotness, but not too many great ideas rattling around in her noodle. And Bernie Sanders. A guy who didn’t earn a paycheck until he was 40 and who sings songs with the Russians while shirtless. Yes, let’s get those intellectual titans to execute socialism in the “right” way. Just give your dog a good scratch around the ears. You may have to eat him.

Socialism cannot be defended because socialism is a terrible idea. That’s why all socialist regimes lead to countries like Venezuela. That’s why AOC can’t defend socialism. Yeah, it actually is that simple.

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