UNACCEPTABLE: NFL Player, Trevor Bates, Punches Police Officer In The Face After Arrest

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The New York Police Department reported that Detroit Lions linebacker Trevor Bates punched a police sergeant in the face, while being booked for refusing to pay cab fare on Saturday.

The 25-year-old NFL player was reportedly extremely agitated during the 3 AM arrest and gave the officer a black eye because Bates “didn’t like the people in the room” while he was being fingerprinted, the New York Post reported.

A cab driver reported Bates for refusing to pay his fare when they pulled up in front of the Hampton Inn Hotel on Ditmars Boulevard in East Elmhurst, according to a police report.

Bates was agitated throughout the arrest process at the 115th Precinct where a source said he attacked the officer.

The 2017 Super Bowl champion was subdued by officers and transported to Elmhurst Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, the department said.

The assaulted officer was treated at Presbyterian Hospital-Queens, and diagnosed with a concussion. He also received three stitches above his eye. He was released that same day.

First drafted to the Indianapolis Colts in 2016, Bates has had fitful start to his NFL career. He played only one season with the Colts, and spent a year with the Patriots but was waived the next season. Bates then spent a short time with the New York Giants before signing with the Detroit Lions in 2018. He recorded only a single tackle and two assists last season.

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