FAKE NEWS: When Will Everyone Realize That BuzzFeed Is NOT a Real News Source?

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The same mainstream media that attacks all conservative outlets as “fake news” spent an entire cycle peddling conspiracy theories from a website known for cat videos and “which friends character are you” quizzes.

From Daily Caller:

Last Friday, the liberal media spent an entire day attempting to hide their glee over a “bombshell” report from BuzzFeed that they believed might finally be the end of President Trump.

The conspiracy theory was centered around the fact that President Trump, a global real estate developer, was interested in possibly expanding into Moscow. They act as if this is some abnormal and nefarious aim — as if there wasn’t a Moscow Marriott Grand Hotel, Hyatt Regency Moscow, Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow, and nearly every other luxury hotel chain you can think of.

The report claimed that President Trump had directed his then-attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about a project to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. Though the administration had refuted it, and there was the fact that no tower was ever built, the mainstream media continued running with the fake story up until it was stunningly shot down by a spokesperson from special counsel Robert Mueller’s office.

“BuzzFeed’s description of specific statements to the Special Counsel’s Office and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office, regarding Michael Cohen’s Congressional testimony are not accurate,” the spokesperson’s statement read.

Just like that it was proven that the mainstream media’s entire day of reporting had been based on lies.

The networks and publications went into crisis mode.

CNN’s absolutely-defeated Jeffrey Toobin lamented that the fake report would leave many believing that “the news media are a bunch of leftist liars who are dying to get the president, and they’re willing to lie to do it.”

That is exactly the message that people can and should take from this. The mainstream media is quick to jump on any minor error from a right-wing publication — no matter how trivial, yet when their fake news is debunked in the most extraordinary fashion, they are somehow the victims?

While it was glorious to watch the liberal media wallowing in their despair — it is really time that they stop spending entire news cycles on tabloid reporting found alongside gems such as “11 Delightful Poems Found in PornHub Comments” and “10 Signs Your Cat is a Wizard.”

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