BREAKING: Obama-Era Border Chief DEFIES Dem Narrative, ‘We Have A REAL Crisis, And It Needs A Wall!’

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It seems Fox News Channel once again proved there are credible voices in favor of building President Donald Trump’s border wall.

The network gave former Obama administration Border Patrol chief Mark Morgan another chance to explain the effectiveness of border walls like the one Trump is calling for.

Morgan noted on “Fox and Friends” Saturday that the situation at the southern U.S. border is, in fact, a “real crisis,” discussing reports of hundreds of illegal immigrants digging a tunnel recently under an existing Arizona barrier.

“We can put that talking point to bed,” Morgan told host Ed Henry, referring to claims by Democrats that the president has “manufactured” the crisis at the border. He went on to criticize current U.S. laws that appear to give migrants an incentive to illegally cross the border.

“We actually are enabling and providing an incentive to these migrants to actually come here illegally,” he said. “Our asylum laws are broke, and we have really bad court decisions like Flores that have educated these immigrants — that they know that once they set one foot on American soil, that they’re going to be allowed into our country.”

“What is their incentive to come to the points of entry and try it legally when they can circumvent that system, and once they hit American soil a couple of days, they’re allowed in our country never to be heard from again?” Morgan asked.

He admitted that even though he worked under former President Obama, and was removed from his position soon after Trump took office, he has decided to break his “silence” on the need for a border wall, backing Trump’s stand.

“That’s actually why I have broken my silence because the things that are being said like, for example, like the wall is ineffective or the wall is immoral,” he said, referring to comments made by Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “Those are not only false but disingenuous arguments.”

“Again, go back — go to San Diego, Nogales, El Paso. Everywhere where that wall is part of a multi-layer approach of infrastructure, technology, and personnel, it’s worked,” he told Henry.

Although no one has asserted that the wall structure is “perfect” or “can’t be defeated,” Morgan said, “something that’s 90 percent effective” is ” a pretty good start.”


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