Lindsey Graham Goes BALLISTIC On Fellow Republicans; ‘Stop The Games and SUPPORT The President!’

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) has been one of President Donald Trump’s biggest supporters during the battle for border funding and he has had enough Democrat excuses for opposing the wall.

Graham spoke to Fox News Sunday about his call for the president drop negotiations with Congress to build the wall, claiming that the current crisis needs to be addressed.

“I think the fits the definition of a national emergency. It’s the last option, not the first option, but we’re pretty close to that being the only option. How do you negotiate with the speaker of the House when she tells you, ‘even if you open up the border, I’m not going to give you but one dollar for the wall?’ So until that changes, there’s not that much left except the national emergency approach. And to my Republican colleagues, stand behind the president if this is his last option. He ran on this as the centerpiece of his presidency and it is a crisis. If you don’t see the crisis, you’re not looking very hard.”. – READ MORE

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