‘Family Guy’ Cartoon Crosses a SERIOUS Line With What They Have Trump Doing in New Episode

In the preview for an upcoming episode of Family Guy, a President Donald Trump character sexualizes his daughter Ivanka Trump, saying she has a “beautiful rack.”

From Breitbart:

“Pleased to meet you, Meg. You have a beautiful rack,” the President Trump character said.

When Meg replies, “Thank you,” Trump responds, “I was talking about my daughter,” in front of the Ivanka Trump character.

The anti-Trump episode is set to appear on Fox on January 14th. The premise of the upcoming episode is that Peter Griffin becomes President Trump’s next press secretary.

According to a report from Entertainment Weekly about the new episode, Donald Trump will make some kind of aggressive sexual advance on Peter’s daughter.

Family Guy creator and voice actor Seth MacFarlane is a staunch leftist and has attacked the president many times. In response to Trump’s Oval Office address Tuesday, MacFarlane said, “This entire Trump speech has the cadence of a Wheel Of Fortune contestant solving the puzzle.”

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